Měření fyziologických funkcí řidiče

We utilize a bio-monitoring device which allows us to simultaneously monitor and record select physiological functions of the driver while driving a truck simulator, or other places. The continuous monitoring of these physiological displays when driving essentially broadens the range and quality of transport research as we are capable to analyze the cognitive pressure, emotional adjustment, stress or anxiety level in the context of the driver's interactions with the vehicle and traffic environment. The physiological functions monitoring device crucially adds to the analysis of variables that influence the driver's behavior in common and, mainly, critical traffic situations.

It includes the following physiological functions:

  • EEG – Electroencephalogram
  • EKG – Electrocardiogram
  • HRV – Heart rate variability
  • EMG – Electromyogram
  • EDA – Electrodermal activity
  • RSP – Respiration

Contact: nabidka@cdv.cz

Měření fyziologických funkcí řidiče 01
Měření fyziologických funkcí řidiče 02