Bus and Truck Driving Simulator

The driving simulator serves the purpose of training and evaluating traffic behavior of bus and truck drivers. It consists of an original truck cabin placed on a movable base, truly simulating an actual drive, with all the shakes and sways of the vehicle. All control and display units of the dashboard and cabin interior are fully functional, as well as the pedals and gear stick, which allows for manual or automatic shifting. The simulating device is also equipped with physiological functions monitors, which synchronizes with other driving data to record the continuous values of select physiological manifestations of the driver. A virtual traffic environment can simulate a wide scale of high-risk scenarios, various road surfaces, selectable adhesion, driving during the day or at night, or various weather conditions, and in this way, it becomes possible to examine the interaction of the driver with the vehicle, traffic environment and other traffic participants. The simulator cabin is installed in the middle of a widescreen projection screen, the visualization of the traffic environment is controlled by an automatic picture segment calibration function, which provides a horizontal field of view of 180 degrees and allows for fluid, panoramic views of the scene. The system is also equipped with stereometric sound with dynamic sound range.

Contact: nabidka@cdv.cz


Řidičský simulátor autobusu a nákladního vozidla
Řidičský simulátor autobusu a nákladního vozidla 02
Řidičský simulátor autobusu a nákladního vozidla 03
Řidičský simulátor autobusu a nákladního vozidla 04