Looking back at the Transport and Logistics fair

Munich, Germany hosted the world's largest logistics fair for Transport and Logistics on June 4th-7th, 2019. The fair stood true to its prestige, located on the field of the largest intermodal logistic center with 2,374 exhibitors and approximately 64,000 visitors. The exhibitors, from 63 countries, presented in ten exhibition halls that added up to the total fair ground of 125,000 m2. The visitors came to Munich from 125 countries.
It was an honor for us that the Technology Transfer Office of the Transport Research Center joined the exhibitors with our presentation in hall A3. The visitors of our stand obtained detailed information about the TRC activities and the TTO. Also, they were introduced to our expert inventions, such as a new type of head rest developed for greater safety during side crashes, smart cobblestone that automatically detecting free parking spaces in parking lots, the AlgaTox device that provides fast detection of environment pollution by monitoring the production of oxygen by green algae, along with other interesting inventions and expert skills.
Participating at such an event was a great experience for us, and we are looking forward to further cooperation with all our new partners.

Ohlédnutí za Mezinárodním strojírenském veletrhu v Brně 01
Ohlédnutí za Mezinárodním strojírenském veletrhu v Brně 02