Measuring Inspection Vehicle

One of the premises of effective road infrastructure management is a thorough knowledge of the road network. Using video mapping and a recording device, the condition of individual elements of roads can be identified and assessed. In regular intervals, it is then possible to trace the condition, damage or absence of the most important elements. During a one-time drive down a road with the assisted commentary of the road safety auditor, the most crucial safety risks are identified that need to be compensated in order to secure permanent safety for all traffic participants.
The measuring vehicle (also called inspection vehicle) is intended for the mapping of roads and allows for performing safety inspections. It is a complex system developed in the Science&Development project focused on identifying road safety risks. It includes a device for the measuring of physical quantities with exact GPS localization and a video record of the road driven.



Měřící inspekční vozidlo
Měřící inspekční vozidlo 01
Měřící inspekční vozidlo 02
Měřící inspekční vozidlo 03