Meeting the Polish TTO Politechnika Krakowska representatives

On April 8th-9th 2019, a mutual meeting of the TTO team and representatives of the Polish Politechnika Krakowska took place at the TRC premises. Dr. Jacek Kasz (TTO Politechnika Krakowska Director) and Dr. Mariusz Kieć (representative of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Politechnika Krakowska) introduced Krakow University and also the activities of the TTO team at the university. The TTO team of the TRC then introduced the activities of the TRC and the achievements of the newly built Technology Transport Office. The talks were complemented by a practical showing of the labs, where the Polish colleagues could appreciate the background of all TRC labs. On the second day, all the findings were summarized into a proposal of expert topics, on which the TRC TTO and The Krakow University of Technology experts could possibly cooperate.

Novinky: Krakow 01
Novinky: Krakow 02
Novinky: Krakow 03