Internship at the TTO Politechnika Krakowska

26. 7. 2019

A. Kulhánková, R. Haitmarová, D. Frybertová took part in an exchange internship at the TTO at Politechnika Krakowska on July 23rd-24th 2019.

Looking back at the Transport and Logistics fair

13. 6. 2019

Munich, Germany hosted the world's largest logistics fair for Transport and Logistics on June 4th-7th, 2019. The fair stood true to its prestige, located on the field of the largest intermodal logistic center with 2,374 exhibitors and approximately 64,000 visitors.

Meeting the Polish TTO Politechnika Krakowska representatives

9. 4. 2019

On April 8th-9th 2019, a mutual meeting of the TTO team and representatives of the Polish Politechnika Krakowska took place at the TRC premises.

Hanoi Talks

4. 4. 2019

On April 2nd-3rd 2019 our TTO team held mutual talks with the University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi (Trường đại học Giao thông vận tải).

Smart solutions increase quality of life

17. 1. 2019

The introduction of smart technologies has a crucial impact on the modern operation of a city and increasing the quality of its citizens' lives. Such was the central topic of the conference at the TRC in Brno, where delegates of towns and municipalities, experts, universities and departments of the government met..