Sharing experiences from European TTOs at a seminar in Antwerp

At the end of February, a Directors' Forum seminar was held, attended by 29 directors and heads of transfer offices from across Europe. Tomas Novotny, the head of our TTO, came to defend the interests of CDV.

On the agenda of the event was a tour of the Innovation Centre of the University of Antwerp, which connects chemical industries and academia. Furthermore, the participants visited the incubator providing start-up companies with facilities in the form of laboratories and office space.

A central theme of the seminar was presentations focused on the ever-increasing expectations of technology and business readiness of transfer offices. Challenges in data management were discussed to assist TTOs not only in their day-to-day work, but also to track and monitor goals and set future strategies. This "directors' platform" thus provided an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking between representatives from the different transfer centres.