Smart Paving Stone

The Smart Cobblestone is the essence of modern street parking. It will show you in real time where to find a free parking spot. Therefore, you do not need to circle around and search for a free spot. It also brings a lot of advantages for its administrators and the city..

With the help of smart parking, cities can not only regulate the volume of individual transport, but also get a tool to optimize the use of parking capacities, thus protecting the lucrative parts of town from excessive traffic. The reduction of pointless searching for a free parking spot protects the environment for everybody.

In an advanced mode, smart parking directs drivers of personal vehicles to free spots before their trip via a special web app, or while driving via installed directional LED boards, or a developed mobile app with the option of payment. The data about occupied spaces may also be offered to providers of navigation services or traffic data for the further development of services for travelers.


 Product file: Smart Paving Stone (1.76 MB)

Chytrá parkovací dlažební kostka 1
Chytrá parkovací dlažební kostka 2