Traffic Accident Laboratory

The laboratory deals with detailed inspection of vehicles after an accident. This activity is mostly done as part of the CziDAS project, which focuses on independent investigations of accidents and all their aspects. The lab serves for a thorough examination of the crashed vehicle. It mainly concerns the finding of potential technical failures that might have influenced the causes or effects of the accident. As part of the vehicle examination, photographs are taken, placement and extent of damage is recorded and the technical condition is described. Mainly, the placement and extent of deformation on the vehicle is one of the crucial parameters that is recorded. For more accurate documentation, a 3D scanner is used.

Our lab takes full advantage of advanced instruments currently on the market, such as the device to verify the authenticity of the vehicle identifier VinTest and µECscan, the device for measuring the vehicle's control dimension EzCalipre, spherical 3D scanner Faro Focus 3D, serial universal car diagnostic system Brain Bee, a paint thickness measurer, a brake fluid boiling point measurer, etc.

We conduct non-accredited tests:

  • measuring the outer dimensions of vehicles
  • measuring of basic outer dimensions of vehicles, such as length, width, height, wheelbase and track width


Laboratoř dopravních nehod 01

Laboratoř dopravních nehod 02

Laboratoř dopravních nehod 03

Laboratoř dopravních nehod 04