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The Transport Research Center, in its research focus, covers the key needs of transport development in the Czech Republic on state-wide, regional and local levels. It concerns classical areas such as road traffic safety, construction technology, maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of traffic infrastructure, geotechnical aspects and transport structures diagnostics, the impact of traffic and its infrastructure on the environment as well as traffic economy, multi-modal transport, traffic psychology, traffic education, traffic demand modeling, management systems, geographic information systems, dispatching and parking systems, telematic control systems etc.

The outcome of the conducted research is directly applied to practical life in various ways. The newly built Technology Transfer Office TTO also supports this effort.

The project for the creation of a functional Technology Transfer Office at the Transport Research Center, initiated on January 1st 2017, will result in a strong Office capable of creating opportunities and conditions for establishing cooperation with potential partners and product commercialization by the end of 2020.

he basic goal of the project is successful and effective commercialization of the attained research results in all of the aspects of transport with which the TRC concerns itself. Furthermore, the active creation of new research and commercial opportunities and conditions for the securing of efficient cooperation with potential partners are important as well.

The project is executed with the financial support from the European Union's Operational Programme Research, Development and Education.

TTO Information Brochure

TTO Information Brochure

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Project registration no.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_014/0000639