Air Quality Monitoring by the Compact Measuring System Airpointer

The air quality is monitored in a continuous mode by recording the concentrations of O3, NO2, NO, NOx , CO, CO2 , SO2 , H2 S, VOC and PM10/PM2.5 using the Airpointer device (Recordum Messtechnik GmbH, Rakousko). The Airpointer is an integrated multi-component measuring system for monitoring pollutants in the air with a built-in temperature regulation unit, Zero Air System, and a system for the collection and processing data, using referential measuring methods to determine the concentrations of CO, NOx, O3 and SO2 according to the Ministry of the Environment Bill No 330/2012 Coll. One of the device's components is a meteorological station that continuously records the speed and direction of wind, outside atmosphere temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. The measurings of limited pollutants are authorized (ref. no. 75332/ENV/13) according to the Air Protection Act No. 201/2012 Coll.

It serves to:

  • monitor the air quality in a designated location
  • verify the effectiveness of precautions to improve the air quality
  • validate the diffusion models etc.



Měření kvality ovzduší kompaktním měřícím systémem Airpointer
Měření kvality ovzduší kompaktním měřícím systémem Airpointer 01