Products and services

Hloubková analýza dopravních nehod 01
In-depth Analysis of Accidents

We conduct unbiased identification and analysis of accidents. At the crash site, members of the team get detailed data, from which they consequently create an independent description of the entire process of the accident.

Inovativní opěrka hlavy
Innovative Headrest

Although the company in the vehicle is relatively well protected compared to other road users (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists), they can get injured at relatively very low speeds.

Chytrá parkovací dlažební kostka
Smart Paving Stone

The Smart Paving Stone is the essence of modern street parking. It will show you in real time where to find a free parking spot. Therefore, you do not need to circle around and search for a free spot.

Řidičský simulátor autobusu a nákladního vozidla
Bus and Truck Driving Simulator

The driving simulator serves the purpose of training and evaluating traffic behavior of bus and truck drivers.

Měřící přívěs CPX
CPX Measuring Trailer

The dynamic CPX method (Close-ProXimity) is based on measuring noise a short distance from a rolling, reference tire.

Měřící inspekční vozidlo
Measuring Inspection Vehicle

One of the premises of effective road infrastructure management is a thorough knowledge of the road network.

Měření kvality ovzduší kompaktním měřícím systémem Airpointer
Air Quality Monitoring

The air quality is monitored in a continuous mode by recording the concentrations of O3, NO2, NO, NOx , CO, CO2 , SO2 , H2 S, VOC and PM10/PM2.5 using the Airpointer device (Recordum Messtechnik GmbH, Rakousko).

Měření drsnosti povrchu vozovek rázovým zařízením FWD
Road Surface Roughness Measuring by the FWD Impact Device

We measure the road deflection by the FWD/HWD impact device (in accordance with ČSN 73 6192 Impact Weight Tests of Roads and Subsoil).

Měření fyziologických funkcí řidiče 01
Driver's Physiological Functions Monitoring

We utilize a bio-monitoring device which allows us to simultaneously monitor and record select physiological functions of the driver while driving a truck simulator, or other places.

Služby laboratorního zkušebního technického pole 01
Laboratory Technical Testing Field Services

We provide the Lab Geotechnical Testing Field tests in full scale.