CPX Measuring Trailer

The dynamic CPX method (Close-ProXimity) is based on measuring noise a short distance from a rolling, reference tire. It is a method, that allows measuring and evaluating long stretches of roads independently from the intensity of the surrounding traffic. The measurings are intended for the evaluation of tire/road contact noise, which is the dominant component of noises in automobile traffic from speeds of 40 km/h and up. Internationally. This is the only recommended method for the acoustic characterization of road surfaces and the only permissible method in accordance with the Technical Terms No 259, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic for proving and observing the effects of lowered noisiness of the road's traffic deck surfacing. The CPX method may be used for the comparison of noisiness of different types of road surfaces, verification of the effectiveness of low-noisiness traffic deck surfacing use (low-noise surfaces), the verification of the effectiveness of cleaning low-noise surfaces, monitoring the acoustic behavior of a road throughout several years of usage etc.

Contact: nabidka@cdv.cz


Měřící přívěs CPX 01
Měřící přívěs CPX 02
Měřící přívěs CPX 03