Transport Infrastructure Laboratory

Is accredited for the testing of these materials:

  • concrete in fresh and hardened state, including construction-site tests and taking core borehole samples,
  • mortar in fresh and hardened states,
  • screed materials,
  • soil – laboratory and field tests,
  • aggregates – graininess,
  • and conducting select tests of building constructions, surfaces and construction layers of roadways.

Other tests and surveying are done in non-accredited mode. We also offer consulting and advisory services that focus on matters of materials and transport infrastructure building constructions.

Accredited measuring

The list of accredited tests can be found below:


Laboratoř dopravní infrastruktury 01

Laboratoř dopravní infrastruktury 02

Laboratoř dopravní infrastruktury 03

Laboratoř dopravní infrastruktury 04