Internship at the TTO Politechnika Krakowska

A. Kulhánková, R. Haitmarová, D. Frybertová took part in an exchange internship at the TTO at Politechnika Krakowska on July 23rd-24th 2019. The entire team of Politechnika Krakowska gave presentations during the internship, and in the span of two days, introduced both the function of the university and the function of the Technology Transfer Office at the university. We discussed in detail the topic of building long-term relationships with industry and trade, systems and processes at TTO Politechnika, passing on the experience, how to write project propositions correctly.
Also, we were introduced to the intellectual property database system Orbit, which is largely used at the university.
The entire internship was managed by the director of the TTO PK, Dr Inż. Jacek Kasz. Hereby, we would like to thank the TTO PK for their cooperation and the chance to realize the internship, because of which, our knowledge in the areas of technology transfer and commercialization was intensified.

Stáž na CTT Politechnika Krakowska 01
Stáž na CTT Politechnika Krakowska 02
Stáž na CTT Politechnika Krakowska 03